Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Wii U Fight Stick - Part 4

Continued from Part 3

After a solid day of curing, it was finally time to take the wraps off the case.

A little sanding was required to bring the edges in flush, then the button holes needed to be drilled through the outer skin. I made pilot holes from the inside, then used the forstner bit from the top side to minimise tear-out.

I love how smooth that curved ply looks! It's like marble.

I left the top edge overhangs in as a stylistic choice. It's reminiscent of a wing section, and I have future plans for shaping it further.

I thought now would be a good time to take it for a test run, to make sure no further alterations were required before painting. So I loaded it up.

I still need to cut the recess for the wiimote on the left, but it easily loads in from the bottom at this point.

Pokken ran fantastically with the stick, the grab/counter/burst commands line up perfectly across the first three columns. Blocking is the third top button, support is below, and ZR and ZL are the last two grey buttons. Everything falls to hand, it's super intuitive!

I did actually run into a problem when playing a couple of wii VC games, though. I never realised that I couldn't use the start and select buttons on the wiimote when the CCP was plugged in! Balloon Fight and SF2 were way more fun with the stick, though.

I'll now add three 24mm buttons to the front of the case, with a sculpted recess in the upper leading edge to help locate them.

The paint will have to wait for those parts, but I'll do some test runs of the finish in the mean time, and get that wiimote located nicely.

The layout feels great, and the size keeps it really stable. Stay tuned for Part 5!

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