Saturday, 16 April 2016

Amiibo-rama - Pikachu

The themed photos continue! This time i wanted to capture my entire play-style with Pikachu, which is spamming thunder relentlessly until i'm knocked out.

This used a long exposure, a spotlight wrapped in a black sock to light Pikachu's tail, a panel-light from the left to give him a bit of profile (a Nintendo DS!), and some christmas lights hung from a door on a rubber band.

Taking this photo wasn't easy, and i'm actually still annoyed that the spotlight is visible, and that Pikachu's tail didn't light up as much as i'd hoped. It was very hard to make everything work at once. I had several tries at getting the lightning to work correctly.


Pikachu's tail was also meant to be much, much brighter.

It still turned out well enough, and the M8 did fairly admirably for a potato in low light.

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