Friday, 8 April 2016

Time Less - Seiko SNZH57 "Fifty Five Fathoms"

"Time Less" is about the reasonably priced, incredibly well built and designed watches i've collected and modified over the years. While i do fawn over things like a good Omega or Panerai, there's just something more personal about these cheaper offerings.

This first example, the Seiko SNZH57, is of my very favourite watches. It's not a "proper" diver; it lacks a screw-down crown, the dial looks a bit chintzy, and the bezel rotation is a bit rough, but it has a gorgeous hardlex-covered bezel insert, a great domed crystal, the bombproof 7s26 movement, and a beautifully finished case.

This model is one of the modding scene's favourite starting points for one very specific look. The Fifty Five Fathoms, based on the original Blancpain made famous by Jacques Cousteau, is a Seiko mod so popular it would almost make you sick, if it wasn't so damned good looking! I really couldn't help myself, opting for the super-clean Dagaz dial with no day/date window.

It looks gorgeous on a black NATO with gold hardware, but also works surprisingly well on the stone grey leather band which came with my Pebble Time Steel.

I think it's a gorgeous watch, a well built homage which still packs plenty of its own style. You'd really struggle to do better for under 200USD.

It's also available in a few other colour options, but the only one i've almost pulled the trigger on is the blue SNZH53, which has possibly the best looking bezel insert i've ever seen.

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