Saturday, 6 June 2015

The Zipper Watch Strap - Part Two

Internet shopping is just... it's just great! Here i am, able to buy the most random of items from the comfort of my own office (under the guise of working!), and it's delivered right to me from the various corners of the world. I know nothing about the making of clothes, but now i have a few various zippers to work with, and no awkward conversations with clerks were involved!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The Zipper Watch Strap - Part One

I thought it was time to dive into another project! This is a little something I scribbled down a couple of years ago, but which suddenly developed urgency as my favourite leather strap started to disintegrate!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Let's start at the beginning

My head is a busy place, but much like the shed at the bottom of the garden, not all of the stuff in there is useful or wanted. Many of those things are ideas never realised; stories, fantastical technologies, and all sorts of designs which bubble up to the surface every so often to remind me that they're still locked away.

This blog is partly my brain dump for all of that stuff; to get it down on paper and out of my way, and to finally either act on it or let it fade away.

Writing down thoughts generates a certain catharsis, it rightly clears the mind and coalesces nebulous swirls into a more solid, malleable form. But it also creates a traceable record of this process, and it's that force of accountability, that planning and acting which I want to leverage to create more momentum within my life. That is the other reason for this blog; I want to do more new things, I want to finish old things, and I want to remember it all.

So this blog is a plan, a record, a sounding board, and a start,

For anyone else reading this, there will be many words, and the occasional picture (pictures are the always the best part). I have worked in so many industries and picked up so many strange and varied skills that i'm sure something of interest will slip out. Feel free to ask me anything about anything, and absolutely call me out if I screw up!

Here's a brief teaser of the subject matter to come: Cars, Gaming, Furniture Design, Mountain Biking, Cooking, Industrial Design, Parkour, Mechanical Engineering, Animation, Societal Rants, Windsurfing, Pet Preferences, Photography, and Gadgets. There may also be some drunken rambling about the meaning of life, too...