Friday, 11 March 2016

Pebble Time Round - Gallery of Bezel mods

Consider this the "look book" for the PTR. I've collected all of the available Seiko bezel inserts which fit the watch, and modelled them for your convenience. While i still can't justify a black PTR to my wife, a couple of pebble community members have helpfully embezelled their watches:

7S26-0030 "Pepsi" w/ standard leather strap
7S26-0030 "Black/Gold" w/ Bond 3-Ring Zulu strap
7S26-0050 "Black/Silver" w/ Bond 3-Ring Zulu strap
7S26-0050 "Pepsi" w/ Khaki 3-Ring Zulu strap
7S26-0030 "Black/Silver" care of Reddit user "harpdoc"
7S26-0030 "Black/Silver" care of Reddit user "Jgilber0"
7S26-0050 "Black/Silver" care of Reddit user "HBTeicher"
Search the serial codes on eBay and they should pop up! Most of the sources are inexplicably in the Phillipines, and while the shipping can take more than two weeks, the product has always come through in great condition.

Once you have your insert. You'll need a way to apply it to the glass. Check out this tutorial for tips.

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