Friday, 11 March 2016

Pebble Time Round - Adhering Bezels

If you want to spice up your PTR with one of those fancy Seiko bezel inserts, you'll need a way to stick it on as they don't come pre-applied with adhesive. There are quite a few options available, and a couple which aren't. Let me steer you in the right direction here.

Firstly, a few people have tried the cheapo double sided Scotch tape, and it hasn't really taken. It's a little bit stiff, which means that when it starts to release it will often come apart completely. This may result in lost bezels, which while it isn't the end of the world, still sucks. Imagine having to look at this every day:

Dayum that screen looks small!
In terms of what you might have lying around the house, i'd recommend PVA/woodworking glue or at a push, Silicone glue/sealant. Both will bond very well to the glass and insert, dry clear, and due to their inherent rubberiness will peel off readily when it comes time to swap looks. A little schmear will be more than enough to hang on to the insert, but the downside is the long curing time.

You probably already have this stuff somewhere
Because i work with mechanical watches and consumer electronics, i have a ready supply of all kinds of double sided tape. On a whim i purchased a pack of tape dots from Dagaz Watch specifically cut for Seiko bezels. While the cut ring diameter is too large for the inserts we're using on the PTR, the inner "waste" is actually perfectly sized!

It's actually just pre-cut, very thin LCD adhesive
Outer diameter is a few mm too large
Peel the backing, stick to bezel, cut around inner diameter

Voila! Super thin, super tacky adhesive!
Because the tape is ~50 microns thick, it's absolutely invisible once stuck down, and it peels and resticks superbly. You can also buy this tape in 40mm wide rolls (3M 9448A). This stuff is used extensively in mobile phone repairs, it's readily available on eBay etc.

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  1. Thanks for the guide.

    Do you know if there's anything similar to the tape dots from Dagaz on eBay?

    1. You can get tape squares like this:

      Stick them on, cut them down.

    2. Thanks for the help!

  2. How can you cut it so clean? Mine is all choppy :(

    1. I stick the tape to the bezel, then cut along the edge from the underside.

      If you're getting a fuzzy edge to the cut, you should be able to press the edge into the bezel to keep it looking tidy.

  3. Random question: The bezel on my beloved Pebble Time Round fell off (no idea how! the adhesive just wore away!). Do you think I could use replacement glass and one of these bezels to put it back in to commission? None of the other smartwatches I've tried even come close to what I want as the Pebble.

    1. Sorry about the super-late reply, i trust that you've found an answer already, but this just happened to my PTR a few days ago.

      The sealant used to hold the watch closed is still tacky, so i'm fairly certain that the reason the watch pops open is due to swelling of the battery.

      I'm just looking to do a battery swap now, before sealing it shut again with something like sikaflex liquid gasket. It should retain its waterproofing, but it could get messy!