Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Wii U Fight Stick - Part 6

Continued from Part 5

Yesterday I blew my nose and the result looked like an electric blue Rorschach test. The lesson here is to always wear a mask when using spray paint!

I didn't make the same mistake with the black.

Some eyes help to show that lucario isn't missing half of his head.

Some 800 grit paper will finish the surface prep before the poly clear coat is applied and polished. That should create a smooth, shiny and very hard wearing surface. It's the same stuff used to seal wooden floors, and they take almost as much punishment as a fight stick!

But the paint has to outgas as much as possible first. That's why I've thrown the hardware in for a bit of a play. In a few days it'll be time to finish up.

Here's the black wiimote in its new home:

Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion!

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