Friday, 20 May 2016

Wii U Fight Stick - Part 5

Continued from Part 4

Sorry for the lack of progress here, i've just returned from my brother's overseas wedding in Bali! It took a couple of weeks out of my build time to reorganise things at work to accommodate, but now we're back on track.

While i worked on some techniques for laying down the paint layers, i took time to create the slot for the wiimote and fit the newly required extra three buttons (+, -, and home).

The 24mm buttons are on the right side, out of harms way. The holes are cut and the wiring is finished, but my order of Seimitsu PS-14-DN-K's is still en route from the UK (faster, cheaper than from the US). They'll be great.

Over on the other side, i created a slot to house the wiimote, recessed to protect against inadvertent activation while still allowing for the IR blaster to help with menu navigation in legacy titles.

Once in the slot it connects to the CCP cable, then sits snugly against a hidden bulkhead. To match my colour scheme i'll be running a black wiimote in here, but the white photographs much better.

With the gaps filled, the case sanded with 80 then 120 grit, and the spray paint readied, it's finally time to make with the blue!

Only a portion of the case will end up this colour, with the rest being black. The lighter colour needs to go on first, so i just used it as a primer for the whole thing.

The inside of the Wiimote recess is done in this blue too, with the end cap in black. It just gives it a bit of fun contrast when the black Wiimote isn't loaded.

And after a bit of planning, the Lucario stencil is also done, cut from thick mylar sheeting. It fits together like a puzzle so it can work for several different paint layers. I'm only using four colours, so it's kept pretty simple.

The stencil can be flipped to do the other side, but i'm only using that for the eye as the rest of Lucario will be in shadow (that's how i'm blending the blue into the black). That "448" stencil is also important.

Once the several layers of blue has fully cured it will be time to Lucario-ise this sucker! Stay tuned for Part 6 of the epic saga.

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