Friday, 14 July 2017

The Flat-Stick - Laser-etched button inserts

I was popping some buttons apart recently and noticed that the Seimitsu PS-14-K has an enormous internal capacity, enough to possibly fit a small circle of plywood inside!

So with the latest run of laser-cut parts, i threw in some button inserts.

Now these are a great, cheap way to jazz up a stick! Because i'm already cutting button holes in the top sheet, it only costs another $5 to run the laser a little longer and punch some of these out.

And because it comes from the same piece of timber and is in alignment, the grain flows perfectly across the case to the buttons. It's a very neat touch.

I demoed a set of PS4 buttons at the top there, and the bottom lot is for a Wii U/Switch stick. It's possible to do Xbox, MKX, SFV, or even continue an art etching of the top panel through the buttons!

The PS-14-K is the only button these work for so far. Once you pop the white insert out you can replace it with a plywood piece, and it fits perfectly back together.

To do a similar piece for a Sanwa stick would require the use of very thin wood, which would mean an additional piece of stock would have to be cut. That's probably going to be unreasonably expensive and wasteful unless i do several lots at once. I'll have to check it out.

And that's a completed button!

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