Friday, 14 October 2016

Ikea Arcade Stick - Mini Edition Teaser!

I've had a few requests to compile a proper step-by-step build of one of my sticks, as the previous posts have all been iterative updates. Here's a quick rundown of what's gone on so far...

For the example build i decided to start from one of my old failed prototypes, and turn it into a mini stick using the smaller 30x21cm Stromby frames.

This top panel was cut down to suit the smaller format using my table saw, saving time and timber, and getting to a good starting point.

I then built up the rest of the kit required for the top half. Four walls, two wiimote spacers, and some little ply triangles. This time there's no oak, it's all from that one sheet of ply (as i've promised previously).

And with all the parts assembled! Don't worry, i'll go into more depth in the build, but the triangles are glued down to reinforce the wall joints and prevent warping of the longer runs of ply.

My last version of this stick had the bottom panel screwed on to allow the wiimote cable to be removed without desoldering it. In this version i've cut a channel in the bottom panel and glued the whole thing down. Fewer screws, stiffer case design. It's also much easier to cut the hole as the panel is built from two "L" pieces!

With the Wimote test fitted, under the aluminium top frame. This one has a different colour scheme for variety.

And with a little white paint thrown at it. Now it just needs the hardware installed and the bottom frame.

The big walkthrough post will cover the specifics like how to cut the holes in the styrene without cracking it, how to remove the bonded glass from the frames, and how to cut ply straight and square. with some videos covering the tricky bits. Coming soon!

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  1. Hi, can you post the detailed electrical part of the project, please?