Saturday, 6 June 2015

The Zipper Watch Strap - Part Two

Internet shopping is just... it's just great! Here i am, able to buy the most random of items from the comfort of my own office (under the guise of working!), and it's delivered right to me from the various corners of the world. I know nothing about the making of clothes, but now i have a few various zippers to work with, and no awkward conversations with clerks were involved!

For future reference, and to display the only piece of knowledge i have of these things, the kind of zipper i'm working with is called "open ended". OoooOOoohh...

But something i DO know about, is how to remove spring bars from watches. My weapon of choice in this instance is dental floss; everyone has a box, and it probably needs to be used for something!

All you have to do is feed the floss through the gap behind the bar, loop it once, and pull tight. Then if you pull inwards it will release the bar. The best part is, even if the bar flies out it's still tied to the floss! So much handier than ferreting through your carpet pile for a tiny piece of needle-like metal.

Boom, done! Now, back to the strap...

The first thing is to check the ergonomics, because if you can't put on a watch strap one-handed, it's kinda dead in the water. Here i've stapled the zipper to a piece of card to get the length right. It's a 15cm zipper and my wrist is 18cm around, which is pretty spot on.

Hey, it wasn't that hard! I made sure the tail i fed in was on the right as it let me grip it while pulling the zipper down with the same hand. It's no more difficult than a traditional strap, and way faster to take off.

Check out the smoothness, your desk surfaces are safe!

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